Read this!

The Star Thief - Jamie Grey

Just a quick post to tell everyone to read this book!  I am not normally (or at all) a fan of books categorized at "New Adult" however this is one expection!  I admit I am really into space operas right now and can't get my hands on enough of them so when I found out about this book I was giddy.  Giddy I tell you. 


Space...check; sexy romance...check; kick butt main characters...double check.


In short Renna is a mercenary caught in the act by a secret governement agency that needs her help.  She agrees and intergalatic goodness ensues.  This was a fabulous book that has both sexy times and an actual plot that keeps you reading.  The best part is the sequel comes out this summer so not a long wait to see what happens next!


I highly recommend!!!