A solid second installment

The Seers - Julianna Scott

The Seers by Julianna Scott is the second book in the Holders series.  The book is what I would classify as a modern day fantasy.  The series follows a group of individuals with unusual gifts called Holders.  This second installments follows Becca as she travels to an estate to to track down Cirian who was implicated in the plot against her from book 1.  At the estate she is also introduced into the Holder society which is comprised of the Holder elite.


I had reservations about this installment initially because I feared it would have your atypical YA plot line.  Outsider girl meets Holder Royalty who is full of angst.  Girl breaks his shell and falls for him.  Love triangle ensues.  I am please to inform you this is not what happened!  We are introduced to said Holder angsty boy but he is a welcomed addition to our cast of characters and I cannot emphasize this enough...not a romantic interest.  That is a bit spoliery but if like me you loathe love triangles I am spoiling for the greater good. And to be honest it is not really spoilery at all.


This is a fun book.  This whole series is a fun read.  Yes this is a YA book and you should definitely expect to see some of the regular themes present in YA story lines. However I enjoy the characters and setting most of all.  The characters are very real with very real emotions and draw readers in with all kinds of emotions.  


The story is unique one with a unique and interesting world.  


I recommend this series and the second installment.  This is a great read if you are stuck in a rut and cannot find anything that appeals to you.