Did not want this one to end!

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

Wow! I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. Add this book to your TBR pile ASAP!


I have heard this book described many times as “Titanic but in space.” That is a very poor comparison. Yes both have pretty dresses and "ship" crashes but the similarities end there. This book was a book of survival. Not just survival of the crash but so many other things as well.


The quick and dirty of the plot is that there is this really big super elite spaceship flying along in space and all of a sudden it crashes. The story follows two survivors as they make their way across the planet trying to get rescued. I will be honest the synopsis of the book given here and other sites didn't do anything for me however once I started reading I was quickly swept up by the amazing writing and suspense of the book.


The two main characters, Lilac and Tarver, were very well written. The authors fleshed out their personalities in a well-rounded manner. They were at times annoying, lovable, strong, scared, happy, sad, etc. They experienced it all. Lilac had the biggest growth in the book. She was a completely different person at the beginning of the book than she was in the end. I mean a devastating spaceship crash will do that to a girl. Tarver had to overcome some serious hang-ups about his feelings about certain things while trying to survive on the planet.


The planet itself was a main character. I LOVED the whats and whys of the planet. Slowing revealing little of itself to our castaways. I think I love the planet just as much as our survivors.


While the book makes it obvious that Tarver at least was found on the planet (each chapter has a snippet of his debrief interview), I did not find it lessened the suspense of the story.  The story is about more than just if they get rescued.  The planet and what the survivors find and experience provides more suspense than their rescue.


I have seen this billed as both YA and NA. I would say it hovers nicely somewhere in-between.


I feel like my review has not done this book justice. Seriously it is wonderful. PICK IT UP!


Oh and....NO LOVE TRIANGLE!  Romance yes.  Tolerable, normal romance.