Was it worth the wait....

World After  - Susan Ee

Why yes, yes it was. It was soooooo worth the wait. I was nervous beforehand thinking that there was no way the second book could live up to Angefall, book 1 in the series. However I am happily mistaken! It was fan-freakin-tastic!


World After takes place immediately following the events of Anglefall. Since like a lot of readers, I read Angefall a while back so I did read a recap however I don't think it was necessary. (I highly recommend the blog recaptains.blogspot.com for all your recapping needs) The first book resonated so well with me that I remembered almost everything and what I didn't the author reminded me.


I will admit while reading I was afraid I would have to dock my rating a star because there was very little Raffe interaction in a good portion of the book. His presence is there but there is almost no direct contact for a good portion of the book. However I was rewarded handsomely for my patience.


One thing that I loved (even though I'm not sure what it says about me) was the creep factor of the book. Between the mom, Paige and what the Doc had going on, the book takes on a very creeptastic attitude.


Penyrn ups the anti in her race for best MC. While tough and bad to the bone she is vulnerable and has real emotions and fears. She doesn't try to be a tough chick 24/7. She gets scared, frustrated, etc. She is normal but yet a hero at the same time. She is one of my favorite MC.


If you have not read this series by Susan Ee I highly, highly recommend it. Do not put it off because you are afraid of the length between books. She rewards you with AWESOME books!