Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

Now this is how a second book in a series should be!  Well done Ms. Bracken.  Well done.


Never Fade takes place about six months (if I am remember correctly) after Darkest Minds.  There is apparently a novella coming out that will tell the story of those six months.  Anyway,  Ruby is now working for The Children's League very reluctantly.  She has an interesting mix of fellow Psi kids on her team.  I really don't know how to proceed summarizing the book without giving away what happens and I don't know want to give away the suspense in the telling of the story which is part of the awesomness of this book.


When I started the book I was dreading the ending.  I read some early reviews and the ending was mentioned over and over again. I was afraid there would be some horrible cliff hanger than would make me want to drown myself in chocolate.  Or that something would once again happen to Liam and Ruby.  But I am happy to say the ending was fan-freakin-tastic!  Those last couple of paragraphs were gold!


The book is a very fast paced and action packed.  I was worried it would be one of those books that something crappy would happen to our characters at every turn and there would be nonstop action.  While action packed, our characters had some lovely quiet moments with each other and with themselves.


I feel so bad for Ruby.  I mean she didn't asked for these abilities.  She didn't ask for all the awful things that have happened to her but yet she seems to persevere and not give up.  Ruby faces so many obstacles in the first book and this book is no different but she remained resilient.  I'm not saying that things didn't get to her at times and all she wanted to do was cry, stomp her feet and go home but yet in the end she always stayed true to her goal of helping the other Psi kids.  I really like Ruby as the MC.


I equally love the other characters in this book too.  Old characters are back, yes Liam, and while they are different at times and layers have to be peeled away to get to the heart of them, they are all easy characters to like.  We also meet several new characters who are a part of the Psi kids on Ruby's League team.  Vida, Jude and Nico.  We don't get to know Nico as well as we do the others, which proves to be a great plot point in the book.  I did not like Vida and Jude at first.  However in the end I really enjoyed Vida as a character.  I hope she gets a bigger role in the next book.  She is a great character to balance Ruby with.  They are both strong and capable but it is displayed in different ways.  Jude is a special character.  He wormed his way into my heart.


In all this book has it all.  Romance, action, depth, blood, gore, exciting reveals, mystery, etc.  I am truly looking forward to the next book, which scares me because I can't see how they can keep getting better and better.  If you have not read Alexandra Bracken's Darkest Minds series I suggest you start is ASAP!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!