Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I so wanted to love this book. I mean I really really really wanted to love. However as the stars show it was a disappointment.


Where do I start? I won’t give away anything about the book spoiler wise because if you read the first two then I want you to read it and make your own mind up about how you feel about the book.


The story was an odd one. After thinking about my disappointment, which started early early on, I wonder if maybe I just misinterpreted the focus of the books. I assumed, wrongly, that book three would be about fixing Chicago and making it somewhere the factions and the factionless could live together in harmony…or close to it and introducing Chicago back with the outside world. While some of that happened, mostly it took place in a completely new universe with the above happening at the very end. The book took us somewhere completely different from the previous books with a whole new set of issues, plot lines, characters etc. This felt more like a book 2 of a series that sets up the dramatic conclusion. At one point Tris even says that she had kind of forgotten about Chicago and the people there. I think the author did too. Overall the book just fell disjointed from the other books.


I also found the book sorta actionless. I don’t want to say boring because I think Ms. Roth is an outstanding author and I just don’t think I connected with the book. I expected an action packed book and that is not what was delivered. This book was very much about character development. We learn a lot about the characters. How they tick, how they are broken and ultimately how they try to fix themselves. That part of the story had depth and kept me turning the pages.


The one part I did enjoy was Tobias’ voice. I have not read any of the Divergent novellas (I’m not a big fan of novellas) so I was not familiar with Tobias’ POV. I was not prepared for how tortured he was. Either I forgot how broken he was by his parents in the first two books or this was some new aspect of him we have not seen. Speaking of, I was also not prepared for Tris’ attitude. She was constantly thinking she was in the right and not only was everyone wrong but they should have known they were wrong to begin with. I don’t know. It just felt off to me and I found myself not liking her as much.


I need to address the ending. I will not give anything away because that is not why I review. While the ending attributed to my disappointment it was not the sole cause of it or even a large part of my disappointment. I was disappointed WELL before the end. I think the end was brave of the author. I think a lot of authors want to do what Ms. Roth did but few rarely actually do and do not pull it off as well as she did. I think the end showed that the author has balls. I applaud her for taking that direction. My favorite part of the book was the Epilogue and I will leave it at that.


Finally I want to address my disappointment. Like I said earlier, I wanted to LOVE this book. I wanted to give it 5+ stars and rave about its awesomeness. But I just can’t. I am disappointed with my disappointment. Having thought about it for a while I want to state that maybe the problem is that I did not understand the point of the series. My idea was that the first book was breaking the factions. The second was bringing everyone together and the third would be setting up a society that would work for everyone. However after letting the book settled for a bit, I realize that the book series is title Divergent. Maybe the story wasn’t about Chicago at all but the Divergent and that the story should follow the path the Divergent follow. I also wanted to compare the ending of Divergent with another series that I felt ended poorly. The Delirium series and specifically book three, Requiem. I was completely unhappy with the way Delirium ended. The readers were left with no conclusion to the story. It was left unfinished. I do not need a series to end with everything wrapped up in a nice bow but knowing the potential outcome for our beloved characters is critical to me. Ms. Roth delivered on that aspect of the book. Requiem was a bad book. Allegiant is not a bad book. I give it three stars because while I felt the story didn't flow with the other two books and didn't have the same overall vibe the other books had, Ms. Roth's writing is still superb and I did not want to give it less than three stars.


In the end I think that if you have read the other two books then you need to pick it up. For closure or curiosities sake at least. Hey, you never know, you may love it.