Not Happily Ever After but Charming

Charming - Elliott James

My review of Charming will mostly focus on two categories. What I liked and What I didn't like.


Let's start with the quick and dirty. John Charming is a knight in hiding. Running from the group that is supposed to be protecting the mere mortals from the supernatural. Early in the book he comes in the contact with a group of sups and mortals tracking down and dealing with bad supernaturals...vampires. Thus the story unfolds. I won't give away the plot but the story line falls into the "what I liked" category. So let's talk a bit more about that category.


What I liked.

I really liked the characters. John Charming and the monster hunters, especially Sig, are great characters. Why? Because they are flawed and they know it. They are characters who have not had and do not have perfect lives. They all have issues, acknowledge it and are working on putting themselves back together. The story is pretty action packed and that part alone kept me wanting to turn the pages. I liked the chemistry between Charming and Sig. I very much look forward to finding out what happens next with them.


What I didn't like.

Info dumping. The book contains MAJOR info dumping. I don't mine a bit of world building and info dumping at the beginning when starting a new series. However I can see how the amount of info dumping in this book, because it is throughout the whole book, can definitely turn off some readers. I'll admit I ended up skimming a lot of the descriptions of the fighting, weapons, etc. I cared more about the character developments and the actual plot than the factual information the author wanted us to have. Having said all of that, in the end you are told why there was so much info dumping but I still didn’t' care for it.


One aspect of the book that I didn't like at first but grew on me was John Charming's narrative. At first I found him silly and immature but he grew on me and I found him humorous and loveable. I think the more I learned about his character the more his "voice" grew on me.


The secondary characters are also loveable. Some more so than others.


The story is dark, gritty but highly entertaining. If you can handle, or deal with skimming, the amount of background information that is thrown at you, I think anyone that enjoys a good UF might like this. Give it a try at least.