A Satisfying Ending

The Wicked Within - Kelly Keaton

For starters if you plan to read The Wicked Within then you are aware that there was something like 19 months between book #2, Darkness Becomes Her, and the final Book. I was really worried I would not remember anything because of the huge time gap. However I found myself quickly delving right back into life in the New 2.


The story begins shortly after the triumph over Athena in the cemetery. Ari is still trying to find a way to break her curse with help from Sebastian and the kids. I don't want to give anything away since this is the conclusion of the story but I highly enjoyed the story. It was fast paced and everything was wrapped up nicely.


If I had any complaints it would be two things. Both of which are just personal preferences.


One. I thought the book was short. It was a quick read and nothing was drawn out. Things happened quickly in the book to end the story in a satisfying way. If I had it my way the book would have been longer and covered more details but I think I feel that way because this was the last book of the series and I have really enjoyed this world and don't want to leave it.


Which also brings me to my second complaint. While I enjoyed the ended and felt it was just right I wish there were just a couple more chapters so the reader could see fully how the future would be for our gang of characters and the New 2. But again I think this is just me not wanting to let go of this wonderful world Ms. Keaton has created.


I really love this series and if you haven't read any of the books now is the perfect time to pick up the first one, Beautiful Evil, because all of the books are now out and there is now waiting for future releases!