The Game Needed a Cheat Sheet!

Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the whole of this book. Parts of it I loved and parts of it were iffy for me. For starters I highly enjoyed the first book, Poison Princess. That was my first Kresley Cole book. Due to my large TBR pile I have yet to read any of her adult books but would like to.


Endless Knight picked up right where Poison Princess ended. Evie had just finished off The Alchemist and come into her role as The Empress. This is where I first had issues with the book. I couldn't remember a lot of the minute details of Poison Princess to remember the much about the other Arcana characters and details about the game, etc. The more I read the more it came back to me but I did find myself looking online for reviews/summaries of book #1.


Once I was fully engrossed again in this post-apocalyptic world I was hooked. I wanted to see what happened as Evie, Jackson, Selena and Finn continue their journey to find Evie's grandmother.


Then we meet Death.


While I really enjoyed Death as a character and getting delve deeper into his flawed persona, I felt that the story slowed down a bunch. I won't give away details but when the story shifts from the gang traveling to just Evie and Death, the plot stalled a bit.  It wasn’t boring per say but it was more about the deeper characters of The Empress and Death.  It was a very intrinsic view of past games and the past relationships of The Empress and Death.  This part really connected you to Death and let you see why he is flawed.


Speaking of Death…and Evie…and Jackson, there is a dreaded love triangle.  I hate to give away that kind of detail but I guess I shouldn't have been a big surprise based on the cover alone.  I HATE love triangles! HATE THEM!  I felt you should be warned. The triangle doesn't completely deter me from reading future books but I also don't really care at this point which love interest she ends up with. I have no Team.  I will give a nod to the author on this point because I don’t necessarily blame my apathy on which love interest to my hatred of love triangles alone but that I like them both and have no sway one way or the other. 


Another part of the story that irked me a tad was Evie herself.  While I found some of her decisions irritate and immature, I had to remind myself this is a YA book (and I am most certainly not a YA) and she is only 16/17 in the book.  A little immaturity I guess is allowed, regardless of the adult situations she finds herself in.  Which brings up another point.  Evie find herself in several adult situations.  Just going to leave it at that and let your imagination do the rest.


The story ends on a cliff hanger. Not one that is dramatic and needs a bunch of GIFs to express my feelings on the matter but enough of a cliff that I am looking forward to seeing how the story continues in the next book.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the story and the characters despite all of my above whining.  If you enjoyed Poison Princess I do think you will enjoy this however you might want to reread PP first.