Quick Steamy Read

Unchained  - J. Lynn

I have read most of Jennifer Armentrout’s YA books however this is the first adult book of hers that I have read.   I liked this book.  It wasn’t AMAZING, but it was a very good, entertaining, quick read.  I had some issues with the characters and the overall plot but I will get to that. 


First, the quick summary.  Lily is a Nephilim, half human half angel.  Her job is to hunt down fallen angels, their minions and “deadheads”…possessed humans.  The story itself felt like a typical urban fantasy story.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I can see if UF is “your thing” than this might be a boring or cookie cutter read.  However, I don’t read UF that much (for that reason…all the plots seem the same) so I enjoyed the story and plot.  Even if I did figure out part of the ending early on.  I found the mystery/action very compelling and was actually found myself wanting to keep reading to see what happened in the actual plot….not just what would happen next in the bedroom.


Speaking of sexytimes…I liked the romance.  I really liked the love interest.  I LOVED that there was no love triangle.  However I kept waiting for Lily’s main squeeze to fall into what I consider the UF trap and screw up somehow.  Luckily I was not disappointed.   I liked the way he was a rock for her when her world was coming apart. 


I haven’t said much about the characters because well they weren’t exactly the deepest characters ever written.  In fact I was more intrigued by the secondary characters than the MC herself.  I had to keep reminding myself that these people were supposed to be in their mid-20s.  The MC and some of the other Nephilim behaved in immature ways confusing my brain into thinking I was reading YA.  Lily is a typical female heroine.  Strong, feisty, goes her own way and head butts authority but she’is cute and kitten like so she gets away with it for the most part. I did not dislike her and her characteristics are not a turn off but I just found her to be a typical female heroine seen in UF.


Even though I had some qualms with the characters and the cookie cutterness (yes I made that word up) of the plot I really did enjoy this book.  I flew through it.  I am a sucker for a steamy paranormal romance.  And it is steamy, having a good amount of sexytimes so do take note of that before picking this one up.